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When reviewing products remember the benefits!

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When reviewing products remember the benefits!

I know Mark has mentioned this in his videos, but it's something that took me a while to get into my head, although its really simple. I still forget to do this sometimes myself.

When you're reviewing products, talk about the BENEFITS, not the FEATURES.

Someone buying a weight loss book doesnt care that the author has been in the industry for 20 years, or that the book has 123 pages. They DO want to know if the book can help them look good at the beach!

Let the merchant do most of the selling, your main aim should be to try and get them into "buying mode".

Hope that helps

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Hi Sean,

This seems to be something that many marketers struggle with. It is often easier to discuss the features of a product rather than its benefits. However, benefits draw prospects and so it is essential that we develop our ability to promote benefits over features.
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