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What Topic Should My 6 Part Mini Course Cover?

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What Topic Should My 6 Part Mini Course Cover?

I recently just watched Marks lesson video on creating a 6 part mini course however I'm stumped as to what my course should cover.

My website covers many various topics about personal finance from helping people get out of debt, invest for retirement, life insurance, avoiding scams, helping people improve their finances, to building wealth.

As you can see my site covers a lot of different topics which is why it's so hard for me to decide on what I should cover as part of my 6 part mini course.

My site currently gets around 400 to 500 visits per day and I'm just wondering what can I do to figure what kind of content I should be sending to my readers?
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I suggest looking at your website's traffic and see which articles or parts of they website your visitors usually go to and stay the longest in. If a bulk of your visitors go to the building wealth articles more than other articles or section of your site, then you can base your mini-course there.

Given the current economy, I would go for a combination 6 part mini-course on getting out of debt and improving finances.

Since you are getting that much number of visitors in your website, you can try putting up a survey or poll on what they would like a 6 part mini-course on.

My two cents. Have a good day!
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