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What is your recommendation about tweet image ratio?

aaron kaugman
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What is your recommendation about tweet image ratio?

It is obvious that tweets with images get more attention.
Plus, they are added to your profile sidebar. It is worth using them in your tweets. I know that.
But I was thinking about moderation.
Do you think it is recommended to have more than 50% of tweets sent with images?
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Hello Aaron.

I think that pictures help you get your message across better but the thing you have to keep in mind as you guessed is moderation.
The thing is that if you use too many pictures your audience will get bored of you and you may see that they start to unfollow you.
We all love cake, but I ask you, if you would eat cake 5 times a day would you still like it?

I suggest to my affiliates that they use a ratio of 40% pictures on Twitter and this rule seems to be going very well with them
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