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Website-AffiliateTraffic Tips! Article I Posted....

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Website-AffiliateTraffic Tips! Article I Posted....

1) Don't Be Fooled I'll Show You What Works In Internet Marketing!! Let me first introduce myself. My I'm a full time Internet Marketer,from the Chicago Area. I'm here to set the record straight on what works,and what don't!I'm sick of all these con artists out there trying to rip people off!(I Work Hard For My Money,No ones gonna steal it from me,or anybody trying to make an honest living online Again) I'm gonna put this in an easy list of what works and what don't!According to my trial and errors so you don't waste your money. I'll show you how to put it to good use. First scam out there is Traffic exchanges,do not waste your time or money with these!I've tried numerous Traffic Exchanges and believe me when I say they don't work!!People on there don't have any money that's why there on there,aimlessly trying to click from Website to Website desperately trying to build up there credits. (So someone will visit there website,and that person visiting your website will do the exact same thing. (It's a big revolving door)Biggest waste of time on the internet as far as I'm concerned!So stay away from them.

2) Buying traffic from a company offering 1,000 visits for $5. 00 as an example. I've never had any luck with these either the quality of traffic is not very good so once again if you read this save your money!

3) Here's what works Pay Per Click if you have a few extra bucks to spend Pay Per Click is one of your best bets!You can get started for as little as $5.00 on some of the top Pay Per Click Search Engines research the keywords you want to use. I use Google Ad-words as my keyword research tool. It will tell you how many times the phrase you type in is searched,and the cost per click for that chosen keyword. (A Handy Tool To Research Keywords For Your Search Engine Optimization campaign,getting listed in the top of the major search engines for free)Grab the lowest competition keywords related to your website that are searched the most times!For example I would not use any phrases that have more than 300,000 listings try to keep it there or preferably below that to rake in the visitors to your website!!

4) Craigslist-this site is great for raking in free traffic!!They have millions of monthly visitors and you can post ads free,you see the potential! Here's my free Craigslist tip setup 7 different G-mail accounts and post ads ten ads one one account a day just switch your title on each ad you post! Why 7 you ask so they cannot accuse you of spamming the forum. Which I cannot blame them!Please follow there rules its a great traffic generator. So to recap (7 different Email addresses equals 7 different people everyone is happy and your account wont get suspended)Its a little time consuming the first week but after that all you'll have to do is republish your ads from your Craigslist account. Believe me its well worth the work!

5)Social Forums Such as MY Space great way to promote your websites tip: Optimize your My Space page for the search engines,then submit your My Space URL to the Search Engines. The spiders will eat it up and if done correctly you'll get high rankings in the search engines.

6) U. S Free Ads-If you have not used them you need this is one of my 2 the best bangs for your buck! Have you heard of Bum Marketing?If you have not Google it, (Travis Sago teaches it and its really a great system)!What he teaches will benefit you a great deal on your Premium membership on U. S Free Ads,which is only $10 month. Place unlimited classifieds with pictures to thousands of buyers. (not to mention you can put your affiliate links in every ad,Google loves them)Great investment for only $10 bucks I highly recommend you check them out!
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