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squidoo lens

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squidoo lens

Is it ok to copy the homepage of my website into my squidoo intro or do I need to write it all over in a different way. I heard copying and pasting could be bad for SEO.

Thank you
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Hi tcoco_architect,

I wouldn't recommend copying your homepage or parts of it into your Squidoo lens.Your Squidoo lens should be original and different from your homepage. Copy/pasting is not bad for SEO as long as you limit the instances of copy/pasting blocks of text and credit your source. I don't recommend you do the same in Squidoo because they are strict with the content you post on their website.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I would recommend re-writing the intro for several reasons.

Firstly, as Cecille has already mentioned, Google might look on your lens and website as duplicates, and penalize both of them.

Secondly, Squidoo might look at your lens as having plagiarized your website, and it could be locked as a result.

Neither of these are good, but adding a different spin on your website by writing your lens intro differently and even looking at a different angle is a good thing.
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