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Save the tigers

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Save the tigers

Hi this is marq thompson im here to provide you some awareness about a unique species(tigers) actually I don’t have any idea how to create impressive article to attract you. My concern is not attracting you basically I want request to please awake and save tiger species because day by day the numbers of tigers in world are decreeing we are human so it's our special duty toward them (tigers, animals) to save their species. Please share your great idea's in the favor to save them.

It’s very painful we have lost lots of animals species God made us human to protect them but we are so busy in our personal life and we forget our all this kind of responsibility they are helpless to protect their own species but are not, we can save them so please give your contribution from your to save them because they need our help.
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If you see this on the forum just hit the report post button to the right of the post.
We do see them and we will delete the members and ban them for spamming.
I will leave this one here as an example.
I have removed the posters affiliate link.

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