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Re: Some general queries about posting on facebookk

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Re: Some general queries about posting on facebookk


I have already posed these queries at the end of a previous submission.. but since they have not been responded to , maybe the topic has been abandoned already.. so here they are again.

1. Exactly what text can I put in a facebook image.. not the advertising images , but the images in the post itself... can these images, for example , include a call to action text, or references to the product or service... this is specifically with regard to the fact that marketing content is not allowed in the posts now.

2. Can I put a shortened url in the article which links to the post.

3. I have a number of fanpages for different markets, some with the same pictures and information, same videos... some exactly the same, some different.. would this be banned ?

4. Are ads with marketing intent only banned from the newsfeed, or also on the sidebar? please could you look at the latest Tiffany Co videos on facebook.. these are marketing videos , but also entertainment.. would this kind of video be allowed in the newsfeed, since it is not aggressively marketing content. Have a look at the video in this link.. my query.. how much marketing cpntent is allowed together with the story?

Thanks a lot
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Hi Chants,

I have replied to your queries above at this thread here: post122488.html#p122488

And additional: yes you can post shortened links to your FB page.

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