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re. affiliate links in a landing page

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re. affiliate links in a landing page


I seem to finally have and some kind of breakthrough after a lot of disappointment as a newbie. A company is allowing me to link to their product without initially having a website. Since I can't do this via an article ( ezine articles won't let me use an affiliate link in the url). My idea is to have their code within the landing page as a subdirectory to the main domain on which the landing page is found. Is this permissible. I know Google doesn't favour adverts which don't link to your own site.. but this would not be for google ads purposes, but just to have a url live online to link to in instagram. Is this ok ? Also, what are the particular rules regarding landing pages ito privacy policy, disclaimer etc?

Thanks a lot

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Very interesting questions. Never thought about that. I hope to here from somebody the answers too.
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