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Product Prosperity Anticipation

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Product Prosperity Anticipation

i new to affiliate world ,i have Q (clickbank product was in the market for one year or even two year sale page , testimonials, all is good,after all this time all it get 14 gravity only, 100-200 search volume in one month,so my Question
after all this time in the market is there chance to be succeed,i mean in affiliate market is it possible for product be in the market for one year or even two will get more gravity or search volume ?or ask in another way is their relation between time and prosperity for products?(i hope get my idea from Q)
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Hi Wesam,

Is the product "Proaperity Anticipation"? What niche is the product in? The gravity is a gauge if the product is selling well and if there are a lot of affiliate promoting and earning from it. No one knows exactly how Clickbank computes for this. The rule of thumb is the higher gravity, the better. But that could also mean higher competition among the product's affiliates.

What niche is the product in? If it's in a popular niche like weight loss and it has a low gravity since it was launched two years ago, then it's a safe bet that it does not sell well.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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