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Phonegram app for instagram: and other related queries

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Phonegram app for instagram: and other related queries


I have installed the phone gram app on my android smartphone and added two of my own accounts. My questions
1. I presume you can only add accounts you own since they need a password to add and to login
2. I would like , in each separate account I own to subscribe to other accounts.. I see at the very bottom of the screen ( where there is the menu my feed etc ) that there is a subscribed users button.. however I would like to know exactly HOW you subscribe to these users.. I understand how to follow user.. but that is not the same as subscribing to them.. I have understood this from a course I studied.. which doesn't actually tell me how to subscribe using phonegram app
3 I would also like to use the publish function on crowd fire.. but don't understand whether I can publish pictures which are already uploaded and use the scheduling functioning publish on crowd fire to make them live at a certain time, or whether I can just make pictures live which I push from the publish function at a specific time
4. When I follow an account and they receive a push notification .. do they have go be there at that time to view it .. or can they view it later( for example if they are sleeping at the time )

Thanks a lot

Hopeful newbie!.. but making progress!
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Hi Chants,

I'm sorry, I personally don't use Phonegram, so I can't give you feedback on how to use it.

We don't use them here Affilorama either, nor did we take part in ints creation. Thus, we can't respond to your inquiry. I suggest you get in touch with the creators of Phonegram directly.

All the best,
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