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Monetizing my classic car blog

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Monetizing my classic car blog

Only managed to get up a blog, (http://mopargrovis.blogspot.com) on blogspot but write about a lot of rare classic car restorations and just need a little direction in marketing it and monetizing the idea . Any ideas would be greatly appreciated . Brent
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A very quick and easy to monetize a blogspot blog is to use the built-in option to include adsense on your page - very simple but probably not a great money spinner.

Possibly ClickBank (http://www.clickbank.com/) might have some related products in your niche (ebooks on restoring cars?) or check rare part suppliers and ask them if they offer an affiliate program you can join.
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Hi Brent,
Welcome to Affilorama,
If I may offer my advice here..
Your blog is a mish mash of your body shop and advice on restorations.
If you really want that then great.. but I would tend to have a separate site for both. Relevant and targeted.
1st. site - Body Shop
2nd. site - Restoration Tips

You could even put a banner on your restoration tips site advertising your body shop and vice versa.

If you do want to blend them together then make sure it is easy to recognize that the blog is about both.
Just My 2 cents.

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