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Marketing tip of the day

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Marketing tip of the day

Hey I haven't seen many people posting in this particular category on the forum in a while so I thought I'd kickstart it again with my own marketing thought of the day today.

It isn't my idea, but I've written my own take on it...

Here it is.

Social proof is powerful and can backfire in your ad copy.

If you are an affiliate who is promoting a dog training product and you mention that 93% of dog owners dogs bark more often than they should, this will probably have the effect of making people less likely to want to buy your dog training product as people will feel that they are like most people in the 93%.

It will be much more effective for you to say 72,257 proud dog owners have dogs whose barking is well under control and not regarded as a nuisance by their families, friends or neighbors. If your dog is not one of these, then you've come to the right place for discovering how to stop your dog's excessive barking for good, so that you can join the 72,257 proud owners of well trained dogs.

Anyway, that was my quick marketing tip of the day, I'm not going to be posting such tips daily, just a quick one for now, and wanted to see if others want to post their own tips etc here?
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Wow Mark,

That is powerful, I never thought of it that way when looking at those kinds of stats from a marketers point of view.

Cheers from Wainui, NZ
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