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Marketing Idea for promoting a web hosting company

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Marketing Idea for promoting a web hosting company

Hi everyone,

I have an idea for marketing.

I wish to promote a web hosting company, I wish to ask my newsletter subscribers that i wud make a free review website for them to promote my product, i tie up with a web host provider and refer my subscribers to get an account with them. Wud i have to tie up with the hosting company as a reseller or an affiliate?

Also, can i do sth to make it an automated process that my subscribers buy hosting service from the company and submit their userid and password the hosting company has provided them to some web page provided by me, then at the press of submit button all the information gets mailed to a company that wud upload a review website. Can u refer to any solution provider for this service?

Furthur, if anybody emails me with a specific set of words as subject, lets say SOLUTION, is it possible that an email reply gets generated automatically? If possible please let me know the service provider.

Best wishes
Anurag :idea:
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There's a big difference being affiliate or reseller. Maybe you can do more money as a reseller (better than that... recurring money), *but* you will have a lot of work and responsibilities. Maybe it's not a problem with a few customers but when your business grow, can be stressfull. As a reseller, two choices: you can hire people to provide the mandatory 24/7 support or you need to provide it by yourself. Believe me, if you take this second option... can be so hard. In addition, hosting market has a huge competition, companies are offering whole one year benefit as a commission, $80 and more for every customer, imagine that! You can offer these promotions as an affiliate without spend a single dollar, but if you want to be a reseller and your business it's a small business I guess you can't afford to pay this type of huge commisions to sound like an option in the market. Some companies are offering recurring commissions too. In this market condition I think the best idea right now is being an branded affiliate, like Mark do in Affilorama hosting for members.
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