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List building questions

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List building questions

hi, so when im building a list, i want to give away some freebies - either stuff ive found or whatever

here are the questions

1. how many freebies do i give away per week before i hit them with the ' hey buy this product' offer?

2. how many letters do you send a week on your list?

3. is the only way to remain 'distinct' from other marketers is to 'be myself'

4. once they've signed in have to double opt in to receive the report, how do i create a download link for the free report and is there one in the autoresponders in general that comes with part of the package ( is there one in aweber?)

5. can anyone recommend a cheaper responder than aweber( i know its because it gets past spam, but is there another just as effective but cheaper?)

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You will find this lesson helpful for your questions 1 and 2:

http://www.affilorama.com/email-marketi ... r-strategy

To stand out, your newsletter should contain high quality, useful content.

You will have to host your free report on a server so that your subscribers can download it. The web address of the file is the download link. Aweber does not host files for download.

I do not have any recommendations for other autoresponders.
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