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Is there any good Directory Submission Software for Macs?

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Is there any good Directory Submission Software for Macs?

So I'm just wondering if anyone else is using a Mac instead of a PC. Almost all of the software for submissions are for Window's based. So does anyone just happen to know of a good submission software for Macs?

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I realize that this post is old, but I think the question is still a good one, well at least in terms of the answer. :-)

I think that if you're looking at this as a business and the tool you need that does the trick is a PC, then you should get a PC. Or maybe run one of those Windows emulation applications on your Mac. It really is the case that most apps run on Windows, and from what I've seen, all the affiliate marketing tools pretty much exclusively run under Windows.

And today, you can totally get a decent system (no, not a gamer rig!) for around US $1000. Not necessarily future-proof, but good for a solid year+.

Just my $0.02.

Best of luck!
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