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Instagram Best Practices For Brands

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Instagram Best Practices For Brands

Instagram is a social media platform that brands are now adding as one of their marketing tools and social engagement platforms. Right now 75% leading brands already joined Instagram. Well, Instagram is a mobile-first visual sharing networks. It is shaping the ways people to connect and interact not only with one to another but also with brands and companies.

Brand are still learning how to use the social media platform. The successful leading brands in Instagram like Nike or Starbucks are mostly successful because their brand are already big before Instagram.

Instagram: all about interaction & information
Brands can use Instagram in two ways: focusing on interaction, or as a source of information. Brands can actually do both in the same time. For either of this purposes brand need to first consider what we are outline in this following presentation.

To see this presentation click here http://empathic.marketing/instagram-best-practices-brands/

Instagram best practices for brands start with understanding the power of community and influencers. We have a deeper analysis regarding this in our report , covering the types of influencer and which influencer is the right fit for your business.

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