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How To Write Engaging Welcome email !!

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How To Write Engaging Welcome email !!

The Most Important Place To Start When Setting Up An Email Strategy Is Your Welcome Email. And It Just So Happens To Be Easiest !

Here are the 5 Tips to Keep in mind when crafting a welcome email that delights new subscribers-

1: Make A Great First Impression -At The first email your subscribers receive after signing up to your list . It helps set the tone for all future emails you send them. Aim to delight your subscribers by greeting them and showing off your brand personality.

2: Thanks Subscribers For Signing Up -If you promise to give freebie on your opt-in form/squeeze page /landing page. Thank them for requesting your free gift and give them a link to the download page. And then tell them a little about yourself, how you got started in this business, and what they can expect from you in the future. Give them a reason to stay on your list.

Tip: If you’ve had success with the product you are promoting, let them know by telling your story. Include a testimonial or endorsement for the affiliate product.

3: Set Clear Expectations About Future Emails -Reminding Subscribers about the awesome emails you’ll be sending them. Be sure to Highlights:

The Benefits of being a subscribers:

- How often they should expect to receive emails from you.
- The contents they’ll receive.
* This Will Help Reduce Your Risk Spam Complaints or Unsubscribes.

4: Deliver Any Incentives You Promised - If you offered an incentive or lead magnet on your sign up form. Your Welcome is the place to send it to new subscribers.

Incentives Could Be a :

* Promo Code/ Coupon.
* Exclusive Checklist.
* eBook

5: Introduce Subscribers To Your To Your Brand- Not Everyone who sign up to your email list will be familiar with your brand. As a result include information about yourself and your business. Don’t forget to include other ways to stay connected !

* Include Contact Information
* Share Links To Your Social Channels
Thanks For Reading
-- Kishorchand
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Yes, already get a clear expectation for future emails very helpful to prevent spam your emails and subscriber read your email without ignoring.
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