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How to find and connect with list owners?

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How to find and connect with list owners?

I am helping my partner to promote her fitness coaching membership site. I have been reading up on the best ways to make some good quick sales and saw that approaching people with good sized lists in the respective niche is a great way to go. I have a few questions on the topic.

How do you find these list owners? (can you do a an upwork gig where they do the research for you)

How do you contact these list owners? Is there a protocol, do you just send an email with the product and affiliate percentage that you are offering?

Any help to get the ball rolling on this would be much appreciated.
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You can manually contact the website owners and ask them if they provide solo ads. You can create a generic email to send out to these owners and you may just edit the email as needed. In the letter, you can explain what you are looking for, why you think the owner's market suits your website, and a quick intro about your business. If they provide solo ads, you may follow-up with questions such as how much? and what is the conversion rate? Make your email as personalized as possible so you can really get a response. :)
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