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How to Double your List Size!

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How to Double your List Size!

Hey guys,

I just posted a new report that gives you some killer ideas for building up a list of hot buyers fast.

http://www.affilorama.com/blog/how-to-d ... list-size/

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"The Money is in the list." as any budding internet marketeer would advice you. But make sure that the list is full of buyers not freebie seekrs. A list full of buyers is the goal every internet marketer should strive to achieve. If you want to make money in internet marketing then this must be rule number 1.

So, Start Growing your quality list.
How can this be done? You can get advice and step by step instructions from

I assume that those who want to double their list already have a squeeze page through which they already have collected a number of emails of their prospective customers.

However, there are also a number of newbies around who do not have a squeeze page. For the benefit of newbies...

What is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a website with the sole function is to harvest the emails of prospective buyers. A squeeze page is a must for every internet marketing entrepreneur.

Nowadays there is software to help you prepare squeeze pages at:

This will make squeeze page building a breeze.

Generate traffic to your squeeze page
Then generate as much traffic to your squeeze page as much as possible so that before anything else you get the most valuable resource of all - a prospects email address.

Then put the harvested emails on an email list with which you can follow up.

Remember it Takes at least 7 messages for a prospect to become a buyer.

Hope this shows light in the right direction

for more information visit:
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