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How Do I Cloak Affiliate Links For YouTube?

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How Do I Cloak Affiliate Links For YouTube?

Hello everyone,

I have questions about youtube SEO.
I explain my case.

I own 20 youtube channels with 20 videos on each.
Every videos are 2 minutes long.

My videos deals with cat training tips and dog training tips for puppies.
An actor (from fiverr. com or odesk. com) make a short speech about "how to clean cats teeth" etc etc.
Then he says "to get more informations click the link below my video and enter your email".
People get into my list.

I collect more than 400 free leads per day and i make about $80 / $120 income per day in the back end.

I downloaded Brody Kazouris course "tube business training" because i wanted to know better about youtube SEO.
This course is great but i still have questions for you.

Sometimes i try to drive my viewers to Amazon instead of collecting their email.

But i want the affiliate link to be hidden from the visitor. I am also certain youtube decrease the ranking if it contains an affiliate link.

Do you think it is better to use https:// bitly .com or tinyurl. com to shorten an affiliate link placed in my video descriptions?

Here is a Bark Control Collar sold on amazon.com
http://www.amazon.com/PetSafe-Basic-Bar ... 738&sr=1-5

If i use https:// bitly. com to shorten my url the link becomes http://amzn.to/1GqflPL
As you can notice youtube can see it is an affiliate link

If i use tinyurl. com youtube cannot suspect my tracked link.

Do you think this impact my ranking?

Thank you for your help and advice.

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tinyurl should be good but sometimes its better to have a one website you own where you can direct your youtube traffic to then ad link will be on there. Alot of out affiliates do this. We cater alot to youtube traffic
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