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Has anyone tried an Automated Traffic Hub?

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Has anyone tried an Automated Traffic Hub?

Hi guys

About a year ago I subscribed to Phil McGrea who is known as the SEO Ninja who will create an Automated Traffic Hub for your web sites.

I had created 4 Squidoo lenses and had Bill put an ATH on my lenses and to this day I have not done a thing to those 4 lenses and they still all rank in Squidoo under 30,000 which is remarkable since all my other lenses have shoot up to well over 300,000 and those 4 are still earning me small amounts of money in Google ads (now that I look back my lenses are crap but still ranking well because of the traffic hub)

I was considering getting an automated traffic hub for my web site once it is finished (it costs $97,00 but I've seen that it works, so on a well done web site it could be great.( it will drive loads of traffic to your web site)

Here is the link http://automatedtraffichub.com/

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