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Google Adwords & Bridge pages

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Google Adwords & Bridge pages

Adwords have contacted me & told me my website does not follow their rules and have warned me they might suspend my account. I contacted them and they say my use of bridge pages to direct traffic to another site are not allowed! How then am I supposed to make any income as an affiliate without using this method? Help please, confused......:( Also I have noticed in the last 2/3 days that my site seems to have mostly disappeared from Google search.
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You can't redirect to another website from a site that provides little to no value.

What you need to do is send them to your website which should be a site that provides the visitor value, like having articles, videos, a blog, reviews, anything that will help them, along with a site that is fast loading, and professional looking with all the legal pages like privacy policies, TOS, contact-us page, an about-us page etc.

https://support.google.com/adwordspolic ... 0435?hl=en
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