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Golden Week Giveaway 2009 = Free beer!

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Golden Week Giveaway 2009 = Free beer!

Hi everyone,

Good news : For the third year in a row the Golden Week Giveaway is taking place ( this week, 29th of April - 6th of May 2009 ). It's to celebrate Japan's Golden Week, you are able to download 37 recent and new Internet Marketing products for free.
Catch : You''ll have to trade your email adress and name for each product.
Bad news : You already lost one day, and as usual no real free beer. You should have known. :)

[QUOTE=Golden Week 2009 website]For the next 7 days only you'll be able to download brand *NEW* Internet Marketing gifts at zero-cost. Including E-Books, Special Reports, Audio, Videos, Membership Passes, Graphics, Resell Rights, Private Label Rights... you name it.[/QUOTE]

Check out the mugshots of your donators at the very bottom of the page.

Golden Week Giveaway is taking place right here: http://www.goldenweekgiveaway.com/


P.S. Hope this is the right forum. Thought these products will bring new marketing ideas.
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