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Going to local universities/colleges to advertise

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Going to local universities/colleges to advertise

I admit I'm extremely excited about affiliate marketing and feel like a hummingbird on coke with all the ideas spurning out lol. I am sure people have gone to universities for article writing...but how about just for promoting your site? A 1 pager catching the readers eye posted in the cafeteria on the walls or in the want ads (if you want to outsource something) ... I am not even sure exactly what to write or strategies to promote, but I know within a 2 hour radius of where I live there are 2 universities and 4 or 5 community colleges that probably total somewhere close to 100,000 people.

Any thoughts/comments?

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Your idea has merit and this would work very well if you are looking for people to write for you. As for marketing your site the same way, you'll have to do market research and find out the demographics of the products you will be promoting. Does it sell well to 20 year old students and things like that.
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Do you have a picture or video of a hummingbird on coke? And who gave it to them in the first place?
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