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Email "Blasters"... any good?

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Email "Blasters"... any good?

I've been thinking of running some email campaigns. Yes, I know the best way is to set up a site and gather my own opt-ins then use Aweber or something similar to do the mailing. I am however a little impatient, so have been looking into alternatives to get me started.

Are email "blaster" type programs any good or do the emails they create just end up in people's junk folder? Has anyone used any of the popular ones on the market to good effect? Do emails even get sent by them or are they just scams? If they are all crap then hopefully someone will confirm this so at least myself and others who are looking into them won't get caught out.

Any insights much appreciated.

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I am sure they work fine.
The problem lies in the mass spam complaints you will get.
People can get very heated about this..

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