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Do you buy all products that you are promoting?

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Do you buy all products that you are promoting?

Hi, I am a new member here.

This is a question I have been wondering.
Do you buy all the products that you are promoting or reviewing?
I just feel bad to my readers if I promote something that I myself don't use it, but the fact is I can't afford to buy all the products.

Need answer from super affiliates here..thanks in advance:)

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Hi Liya,

I started off buying a few products first while I built my site up a bit, generally once they see that you have a quality site they will send you the products for free. If you don't want to purchase them you will have to review them the best you can by looking at reviews on different sites of the products and digg a bit until you find some good information.
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Yeh, I would also recommend asking merchants for a review copy. Most of them will be more than happy to oblige.

Just try and come across as professional, don't act like you're just after a freebie :)
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