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Creating audio articles and ebooks

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Creating audio articles and ebooks

I am working on creating audio articles and ebooks. I will narrate and package with a number of niches. I need ideas on how to JV this idea. I will work with them to determine a niche and determine what is the best way to package/promote. Respond and I can send samples to you for review. jvsuccesses@gmail.com
I think this has potential and am willing to work to make it a success.
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Andrew Weissmann
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Hi Andy,

I believe that video creation would be very good addition to the services that you offer. Many members are now opting/wanting to put up videos on their own sites as well as on sites such as youtube and there are a number of them who cannot produce videos on their own due to some limitation or other (time, software, equipment, etc.)

Videos may even prove to be more marketable than audio articles.

Just my two cents :)
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