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Creating a Widget for Backlinks

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Creating a Widget for Backlinks

Hey Guys,

Has anyone had any experience creating a widget for getting backlinks?

I'm thinking of developing a widget for my site that other people will put on their sites (with a link back to mine).

Thanks in advance for any tips/insights.

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Hi Devin

Good idea, when it comes to getting backlinks a little bit of creative thinking always helps.

Are you referring to a widget that does something e.g. displays the current weather in your hometown, that includes a backlink to your site as the developer? A lot of people develop software apps or WordPress themes for the same reason.

If you do, make sure you pay attention to the anchor text you use to improve the benefit from the backlink. It might also be an idea to hardcode the link so it cant be removed.
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I haven't done it with widgets but I did create a few wordpress templates just for getting backlinks. An idea you might use which I thought of not long ago is create an array of keyphrases you want to be ranking for and have the link pull a random keyphrase from it

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