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Community sites and Joomla - Anyone got experience in this?

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Community sites and Joomla - Anyone got experience in this?

I have a site that is doing about 2300 uniques a day (all from se's) and I am just about to convert it into a community site.

I am thinking of using Joomla cms for this and was wondering if anyone here has much experience with Joomla and community type sites?

Joomla itself is new to me but nothing I cant pick up in a few hours.

Does anyone here have a community site and if so how did you find the best way to monetize it?

Through newsletters and affiliate products?

Or your own product?

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I am not familiar with joomla, but perhaps you can message me the site you are talking about and I could offer some suggestions? Or you could private message me if you don't want it on the forum.
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