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Blog Posting to Get Links

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Blog Posting to Get Links

What is your take on blog posting to get links? not as the only way.

I use article marketing and directory submission as well as forum submission

i ask because I see them fall out quickly and some of my blog posters occasionally post to a bad site.

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Hi Mike,
I certainly wouldn't rely on this as my main source of backlinks.
It has it's place in an overall strategy though.
Unfortunately when you pay people to post blog posts for you this will happen.
They can post to some dodgy blog sites and you don't really have full control.

Just my 2 cents.

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If you're talking about getting backlinks from adding comments to blog posts then you have to make sure you actually contributing to the blog post and not just adding "nice post!" - that's a dead giveaway to anyone moderating the blog that its just being done for linkbuilding purposes.

There are lots of dofollow blogs (just google to find them) and they can be part of your linkbuilding strategy.
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