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Best way to Market Leads or send them out??

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Best way to Market Leads or send them out??

Hi All

Just wondering whats the best way or autoresponder that one can use to UPLOAD or IMPORT bulk leads to it before sending out to thousands of emails?
ie For gmail they are restricted to 500 emails sent a day...free acc.
Hostgator hosting i use can send out 500 emails an hour max...depending on what autoresponder i instal etc..

Does anyone have a good bulk mailer or autoresponder that can import hundreds of email leads, and then send out hundreds or more a day?

Im with Aweber but they wont allow importing of bulk leads (for obvious and justifiable reasons )
So im hunting around free bulk mailers or autoresponder that can, and even then they are limited to sending out 200 to 300 emails a day....(not efficient esp if youve got 100k leads and having few thousands more coming in every day...)

Anyway so much to think about and try.

ATM what im thinkin of is open up 20 gmail accounts (and use various emails from the various domains i have to open them up with).
Then I will be able to email out about 10,000 leads or emails a day (500 each) from different ISP at internet cafes.
Long process i know...

Is there an easier way?


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