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Awesome piece of Free Email Software - XMailWrite

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Awesome piece of Free Email Software - XMailWrite

Hi guys, I found a pretty cool piece of free software today, which is supposed to remain free. It's from the makers of XSitePro, and it's called XMailWrite.

I've been playing around with it, and it seems pretty good to me. It's designed exactly for internet marketers to make sure that their emails are more deliverable and don't get caught in spam filters. It gives you recommendations when it analyzes your email so that it will get to it's destination properly. Seems quite helpful to me.

It's also great for writing articles as it will give you your word count and your word density which is great for when your targeting certain keywords for your articles. Anyways I thought that it might be helpful for some of you out there so I figured I would let you know about it. Here's the link http://www.xmailwrite.com/ Try it out and let me know what you think. Take care , Davin
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Thanks for the tip, looks like theres a couple of handy tools in there. And free stuff is always appreciated :)
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