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Automation ain't just a walk in the park...

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Automation ain't just a walk in the park...

...It's serious business

I have been doing some social network automation and also some overall article posting automation recently. This has been pretty successful to me. I have used SEnuke and Webdominator as well as Friendblaster Pro. It took awhile to get set up on both senuke and webdom, but once I got going they were powerful in what they did. Friendblaster was more of a plug-&-play sort of deal, but it's just a simple friend adder/messenger.

I'm posting both articles and videos using this bad boy toy. I just got it 2 months ago. Works all night and day and I am enjoying all of the nice backlinks. It's a little on the steep side for some people when it comes to price, but quite worth it. I was working on senuke and found that some of my articles were not getting posted properly. has anyone else used this and do they know what is the expected ratio of posted articles?

I also am using webdom and looking for other people who have it to see if we can trade notes. I heard that there's some text spinning stuff in there for doing auto-replying, and I'd like to share some scripts I made for doing special stuff in twitter, facebook and stumbleupon. I've been using it for a month and I'm lovin' it. I use this little gem of a program to drive traffic from niche social networks and other medium-large networks like digg, imeem, etc. The niche networks are what works relatively better for what I'm selling. It's a good price too cause I happened to catch this over at DG forums and found out it's really new, like this year, stuff. I got help from Nathaniel over there and he was awesome with me and taught me some neat tricks and a lot about how to use it. Great Customer Service!

Friendblaster Pro is just 'nuff said, it's already pretty popular, and I use it for my Myspace adding, it's unmatched.

Basically, automation won't get you anywhere if you don't have a well rounded campaign with SEO on both the landing page and on the profiles you're using on Social networks. If you do have a well rounded campaign, the tools I mentioned can get you quite a bit of traffic to your site, which in turn will get you noticed by search engines, and if you already have your site set up for good seo, then you're ready to start getting natural search engine traffic, etc.

Combine that with some seo tricks and tools to capitalize on hits to your profiles and to your site from search engines, you will have quite a powerful campaign, with automation acting as the driving force or the engine for traffic. I'm loving this SEO tool list that we got going in the SEO forum :D
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Article marketing has to be just part of your overall strategy.

There's an interesting article on SEOmoz about the benefit of backlinks as competition increases showing that onpage SEO can only take you so far in boosting your rankings.
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