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Articles For Auto-Responder Emails?

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Articles For Auto-Responder Emails?

Hey Everyone,

Do any of you use your articles for auto-responder emails too somehow?

I'm just wondering if we hire someone to write articles, could we somehwo use those articles in our auto-responder emails too?

Or would you hire out someone different to write auto-responder emails specifically, which would be different than your articles?

Any comments are appreciated,


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Take this with a bit of salt, but I don't see why you wouldn't some how repurpose your articles in you autoresponder series. Why?

(1) Adds value. Teaches your prospect something that they may not have been aware of prior to reading your article.

(2) Presells the product. In a roundabout way the information provided is being presented in a way that lacks the fanfare of a sales letter.

(3) Saves time and cash.

(4) And what are the chances that your prospect has been reading all of your articles anyway?

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