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Article marketing for the affiliate or website owner

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Article marketing for the affiliate or website owner

Article marketing works well at generating traffic. However, you will want to make sure to have your articles published on niche blogs that actually relate to your own site, rather than posting to article directories.

Most times, you can locate blogs that are similar to yours with a quick Google search. Once you have found a few blogs that are like yours, you would simply email the site owner to ask that they publish one of your articles.

You can best accomplish this by including the actual article (within the body of the email not as an attachment). Be sure to include your signature link and author bio and stipulate they are free to use the article so long as your signature line remains intact.

If you have used article marketing as part of your affiliate promotion efforts, please share your success story here.
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This is an excellent topic to cover.
The two most important aspects in SEO are good content and building backlinks. Both of this notions are linked together, because if you want someone to post your article, you first have to create an interesting and original one.
My affiliates had success, using this method. We have used Google to find similar blogs but we also used a different method:
We used online directories to find similar blogs. You can use dmoz if you want to, there are plenty of entries there.

One thing I would like to add, more as a warning: Be careful when you are guest posting, that you are not posting the same article on your blog and on other blogs because Google will give you a duplicate content penalty.
The only way to avoid this is using the rel="canonical" attribute in the links.
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