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Article Marketing Automation - Problem

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Article Marketing Automation - Problem

Hi Guys,
Just wondering if anyone has encountered a problem with Article Marketing Automation? I have just joined and am trying to submit my first article and must be doing something wrong.

I have followed the instructions as per Mark's 2 videos but when I add the body of the article to the AMA site, it tells me to correct the error which is a zero word count. Clearly I have words in the body (about 500) and don't know why it says this.
I've submitted a support request to AMA without getting a response yet so thought you guys who are more advanced than me might be able give the a pointer or 2.

Thanks guys. I would really appreciate any help.

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The same problem was posted by another member in the forum: Cannot Submit Articles to AMA

Will be closing this thread. Just view the comments on the earlier post. Thanks :)
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