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Affiliate Handling using Aweber?

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Affiliate Handling using Aweber?

Hello everybody,

I have created an e-book up for sale. I want affiliate handling option for it, but I do not want to use clickbank. I have also attached PAYPAL payment option to it.
What I want to know is whether I can use AWEBER so that when a user purchases my e-book and make payment via PAYPAL, it gets automatically added to my e-mail subscribers' list via AWEBER?

Also, can AWEBER handles affiliate management?
If not, then can anybody suggest any affiliate management program.

I hope I am not sounding too complicated!

Anurag :D [/img]
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It will be hard to get affiliates to sign up under you if you offer paypal as an option to pay.

To use Aweber have them fill out the opt-in form to get to the order page.
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