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Advanced Autoresponders Help?

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Advanced Autoresponders Help?

Hello everybody!

For the past year, I have dominated the searches for a specific physical product (specific targeted searches to this product). The traffic has been a consistent 40-50 uniques per day (for a year now), however, the conversion rate is less than 1% and I'm afraid that I'm basically losing most of that traffic due to not having any kind of follow up in place.

With that said, I'm looking to ramp up and create a specific autoresponder series just for those interested in this product so that I can get them involved, keep them thinking of me, the site and the product and possibly cross-sell some related products.

Have any of you done this, have any ideas or pointers on how I can maximize the effectiveness?

Without giving away my niche, the product is a specific type of shoe, related products are different shoes by the same brand, clothing and accessories.

I do appreciate any response and intend to document the success of this particular endevour here on the forum.
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I am active in promoting both physical products, instant download products (clickbank) and CPA offers, I have found that list building in particular physical products has not worked too well (low sign ups as well as emails not being opened and actions followed), I have varied my approach and tweaked things around with the conversion but I have had no luck doing email marketing with physical products yet.

And by physical I am talking more about electronic goods and clothing. I find that this type of buyer usually either comes to my Website and buys something straight away, or clicks on a link and gets cookied and buys something later, or just leaves the Website all together.

Now building lists and autoresponders for clickbank products and markets where long term relationships do exist and can be fostered is a completely different matter. I have thousands of subscribers across many different niches and I have stopped list building in all the physical product niches and just focus on promoting the products only.

So sorry I cannot really be any help with the physical products. I am sure there is a way to get people to sign up and stay interested and keep subscribed to a list but I have not found one yet. So if anyone else has been successful I would love to hear the results.
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best bet with that type is to mix it up some.
I have a woodworking site, with a list giving tips and techniques. I promote some power tools as well as digital downloads for how to ebooks, and some blueprints and plans.

I have only been running it for about 2 months, and i have sold some of both the phisical and digital products. However the digital stuff has sold more.
it all will depend on how you approach the market, and everyones results will be different.
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