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750 pageviews per day - enough to set up CPL / CPA?

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750 pageviews per day - enough to set up CPL / CPA?

Hi all,

During Christmas time I set up in 1 week a set of scrapers and a website that elegantly publishes all the data retrieved by those scrapers in a vertical search engine, very elegantly designed, and excellently optimized for SEO.

It is local to my country and the stats for the 3rd week of being live (put on live start of February) are - SEO only:

- Unique visitors per day: 150
- Pageviews per day: 750
- Avg page views: 5
- Bounce rate: 50%
- Time on site: 4 minutes

It displays basically search results with prices on a specific type of product and links to the original website in case the user is interested in contacting the seller. The link is not an affiliate link.

I don't make any money from the website, but I was thinking to start using it as a base for AB, introducing some CPA here and there, email gathering, etc.....

Does it make sense to you, or do you think that for AB I should exclusively build sites that are 100% aiming to promote / sell a product?
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Hi john.fitzpatrick,

I think CPA is fine for the site you described. I am not sure if it's a good idea to "start using it as a base for AB" though. There's a lot of things to consider. For one, what niche is the site on? In Affiloblueprint, you need to have a specific niche. We recommend that you provide value to users so you would need to write articles for your site as well as reviews. From the way I see it, you would pretty much be taking out the content and replacing it with your own and turning it into a complete Affiloblueprint-style site. That would mean getting rid of the scrapers.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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CPA would work.

If the traffic is targeted you could sell advertising on your site.

Definitely supply good quality content. Maybe add a squeeze page to capture emails.
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