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Who's name to use with twitter accounts?

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Who's name to use with twitter accounts?

I was wondering what is the best thing to do when attaching a name to a new twitter account for a specific niche. Should I use my own name or would it be best to use the pen name I use for my Ezine articles, etc? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Depends on your end objective - Do you want a name for yourself or is it some site that you are doing for making money and don't want to lend your personal name to it.
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You can have multiple twitter accounts. It depends on what you are doing really. if you want to do niche twittering building up a list of targeted followers, which is really hard to do, you can use the pen name you established, or your website name.

however, personally I have found that 90% of the followers I get on twitter are other marketers mass following and spamming product after product.
I got to where i dont hardly use it anymore even though i have 3 twitter accounts.
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