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Which type of articles to use for my blog and backlinks

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Which type of articles to use for my blog and backlinks


I am going the route of the blog webinar but instead of using the flight simulator, I've decided to use the premium PLR articles. As you probably know, the pack has 30 articles. I want to use 20 for my blog site and use the other 10 for my link building. My question is, " should I use the article that are geared towards an actual product type for my blog and use the " how to" type articles for link building, or does it really matter? Ex. "Beat making machine" vs. "how to make hip hop beats".
My thought is that someone that comes to my site and is ready to purchase, is probably going to click on a product type, where as someone who clicks on a "how to" type link is probably looking for info and is not ready to buy yet. Anyway, I hope I'm not making it harder than it has to be but I would really appreciate any input I can get on this issue.

Gary G.
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Hi Gary,

It doesn't really matter. You have 30 articles so you can use them all on your site and use the spins for backlinks.
The how to type of articles will "add value" to your site, thus helping establish it as an authority site in the long run. Authority sites get higher PR and higher search rankings.
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You could use the first 20 articles and add the other 10 over time so that you'd regularly have fresh content on your site. This will help your site rank well and will also be beneficial to your visitors. They will keep coming back to your site if you frequently offer something new.

It would be best if your visitor would become engaged with your content before you try to sell them anything. "How to" articles provide good information and are great for targeting potential buyers. If you build rapport with your site visitors and earn their trust, then they would more likely buy your recommended products.
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