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When a website shows tags -are those their keywords?

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When a website shows tags -are those their keywords?

Quick question. When a website or article on a website has the phrase "Tagged with" followed by two or three phrases that are relative to the topic, does this mean that those are the keyword phrases that they are trying to rank for with that article?
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hi, yes that could be the case.. or some other themed keyphrases in which that articles is targetting.
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Tags and SEO keywords are actually separate functions. although people often use their seo keywords in the tags, it isnt necessary, and in fact google has stated that they dont like them. However, where tags become really helpful is with the internal search functions on a site that has loads of content. For example, my blog has almost 300 posts on it. When people use the search on my blog, the internal search relies on how I have tagged my posts to show relevant results.

So, I tag posts with my keywords as well as other relevant keywords.

If you are building small article sites (less than 100 articles) like mark teaches, they are largely a waste of time.
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