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What's the minimum Amount of searches in TT to use a keyword

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What's the minimum Amount of searches in TT to use a keyword

Hi Mark,
What's the minimum Amount of searches in TT to a keyword so I can start working with?
The assumption is that the key word has less then 5000 results for the allintitle.


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using trafic travis get a huge list of keywords, dont pay attention to the search volume yet. then go to google and use the keyword search tool to see the search volumes and get more ideas for keywords. good rule is over 1500 searches in google tool
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try to avoid paying too much attention to the allintitle results - while its an indication of how many sites may be targeting the keyword, it doesnt tell you how well those sites are optimized.

TT has a new SEO analysis feature that picks apart the top ten results for a keyword (the page one results) and this is what you want to focus on

and, as mentioned, look for word that have a monthly search volume of 1500 using the google keyword tool
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