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What results in high Product Conversion rates?

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What results in high Product Conversion rates?

What do you look for on "pitch" pages that a vendor, (i.e. ClickBank publisher), uses when choosing with whom to become an affiliate? To me many of the sales pages look rather cheesy. I suppose that doesn't mean it won't work, but I'm wondering if there are any indicators that would help determine a pitch page that is more likely to convert vs one that won't.
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1) The most important thing is a powerful headline.

If people read the headline, you won half of the battle.

2) Then, just look if the page seems professional?

Show it to some of your friends or family members

3) See if it's easy to order from this page?

Could you order if you are not a computer geek?

Just repeat this for 3 or more pitch page... And the gravity will help you for your choice anyway.

There is more, but this will get you started FAST.

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