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What is the importance of Intitle and Inanchor?

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What is the importance of Intitle and Inanchor?


Can someone please explain the importance of "intitle" and "inanchor"?

For example...I found a really low competition keyword and it has 1000 searches (which is what I'm after ). It seems like a good word to use so I checked it through the intitle inanchor. I get back over a thousand results.

Ok, so over a thousand pages have that keyword in its title. Does that mean I have very little chance of ranking well?

I still don't fully understand if this type of research is vital or not.

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Using these search results to determine how competitive a keyword is can be misleading. Just because Google returns that many results doesnt mean all those sites are optimized for that keyword.

Inanchor (where Google shows where that kw has been used in backlinks to that site) is not a common search option, and also not always a reliable indicator if that site has optimized for that word.

Rather than getting too caught up on the numbers Google returns you should really be focusing on the first page results - theres no point being number 11 because very few dig deeper than the first ten results.

Get on to Traffic Travis to do some more comprehensive SEO analysis for a particular keyword phrase.
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