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Traffic Travis says PR 7 is easy competition???

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Traffic Travis says PR 7 is easy competition???


I'm an affilojetpack member but I'm thinking about offering Spanish translation services, because it's my area of expertise.

In the next image, you can see the results that Traffic Traffic shows for the keyword "Spanish Translations". I don't understand why it says that it's relatively easy being websites with pagerank 7 and other surprising data.

Could somebody confirm the easyness of this keyword and comment something about these results? It seems extremely complicated to me.


link to the full size image: http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/4297/traffictravisspanish.jpg
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the star rating is often misleading. it is probably because there is very little on page optimization for that particular phrase on the top ranking sites.

look at the ones that do have the optimization in place, and you will see that they have way less links to get to where they are. if you optimize it well, you should be able to get ranking for it with just a few hundred backlinks.

basically, look at all the factors shown. you can get an idea of what others have on page seo wise, and get an idea of how many links you need to run up the first page rankings.
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