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Traffic Travis - competition changes daily?

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Traffic Travis - competition changes daily?

Guys, I searched for this already and couldn't find an answer to my exact question. If you use Traffic Travis and go to the SEO tab, then Competition tab, you'll notice that the values can change drastically in any given day. Let me explain...

The "Difficulty" AND number of "Backlinks Page" values will change DRASTICALLY on a daily basis. For example: a week ago I finally narrowed down a wicked keyword phrase (searched 20k per month on an obscure topic that I'm very knowledgeable) and it had "relatively easy" difficulty, and the "Backlinks Page" values were both under 50. Awesome!! I bought the domain, and plugged in the same keywords to Traffic Travis the next day for fun. I was pretty upset to find that the keyword was now ranking MEDIUM difficulty, and with "Backlinks Page" values in the thousands!!

This has happened to me several times. Can anyone explain?
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Thanks for making us aware of this issue.

Can you please send us a copy of your results so that we could forward this to our developer? Please send an email with the attached files to Traffic Travis FAQs & Support

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Hi Grapidx,

I am not quite sure what causes this inconsistency but the results Traffic Travis provides is based from Google's results as well, only TT provides more in depth data.

Have you checked if the version of your software is updated? There are times that you will be receiving wrong data because your TT version is not updated.

I suggest before you run anything in TT, you need to make sure you have the updated version of Traffic Travis.

I hope that helps!

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