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The right Niche approach

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The right Niche approach

Hi All

I would like some opinions on the following.

My first project is a challanging one about Weight Loss.

Now I have already published my site having about 9 articles in it so far.

When I started the lessons and was at the point of deciding about the Niche I thought to write about 10 articles on actual Weight Loss based on one certain product which is mainly a Diet program.

The lessons teach me to choose 2 or 3 products so what I did is add a Workout Training which is still about Weight Loss basically so then I have 2 products to promote on the site.

I did proper research about which products it would be based on the lessons.

I am now much further in the lessons and experience and am at a point that I wonder if having these two products together is indeed a good idea. I still believe so.

My main puzzle thought is and that is what this post is about

My dietprogram has many affiliates already doing it, that is also why the gravity is high. The workout Training program likewise.

Is it a bad influence as to attracting visitors to my website to have these two together or is it just a great combination.

Will people see the Diet Program and walk away and not even pay attention to the Workout Training program even though my first page clearly mentions both of them and also the keywords / page titles refer to both.

I just have some doubt so that is why this posts. I believe I am doing the right thing still.

I am not so worried about the many who do this Niche because for instance I have also seen quite some WOW affiliate sites and even sites which are almost identicle to Mark's site. I just need to make sure mine is better via the keywords and content.
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Hey Gardener,

In Affiloblueprint, Mark does indeed advise promoting more than one product from your website. However, there are a couple of important dos and don'ts when doing this:

DON'T promote all your products together in one article, because this just confuses people. If in the course of one article you say that Diet Program is good and Workout Training is also good, but the visitor only wants to buy one product, then they are likely to leave without buying anything. People want someone to tell them EXACTLY what to do - they don't want confusing choices! The more thinking you make people do, the more likely they are not to buy.

DO promote the most relevant product at the end of each article. Instead of promoting all your products on each page, just choose the most relevant product to the article. For example, an article about exercises to get rid of stomach fat might be more relevant to the Workout Training product; whereas an article about weight-loss super foods might be more relevant to the Diet Program product. As Mark says, relevancy is the most important factor in determining what product to promote with what article. This means people are more likely to buy and be satisfied - they will tend to visit the article that is focused on their particular concern, and then buy the product associated with that.

Hope that helps :)
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I was out on vacation so could not reply sooner.

Thanks for the advise.

I do not promote the products in one article. I understand what you say about the confusing issue. I have seen websites where on one page 3 products are promoted without hardly giving any comments as to for instance their differences, so yes that is confusing but I believe also makes the reader stay away since it has some spam or quick-sale-without-personal-interest-or-added-value kind of content in my opinion.

I do however name the two on the front page but what I did is this on the main page, here is a part of it;

Many people find it hard to find the weight loss or workout program which suits best for them.

People are looking for ways to lose weight and at the same time maybe change a life style by doing workouts.

I have analysed various programs and also have been looking for a good combination of

* A Weight Loss Diet Program
* A Workout Program

because I believe that these can be done together and will give you an ever better result than just picking out one.

Of course they do not have to be done together, you can also just do one of the two.

You'll find on my website numerous tips, insights, suggestions, designed to help you in the whole route of weight loss.

We will go through these programs individually (followed by keyword / website name)

So also at each page I promote just one product and give affiliate links right above on the page and below.

I have seperate pages based on a weight loss program, say the first 12,13 and then about 12 for the workout program.

Does that sound good? Maybe I should be more direct in stead of leaving it as option? the part which says

because I believe that these can be done together and will give you an ever better result than just picking out one.

Of course they do not have to be done together, you can also just do one of the two

is maybe not direct enough when I read what you say.

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