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The Backlink Strategy That Works

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The Backlink Strategy That Works

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has ever tried Joseph Archibald's back link strategy as laid out by Pat Flynn in this post: www .smartpassiveincome.com/the-backlinking-strategy-that-works/

Seems like a good one. What do you think?
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yes it works. in fact it is very similar to my trafic strategy except I use more web2.0 sites and bookmarking directly to my own pages as well. but, the basics work. the links that you build to your links pointing at your site will increase the authority of those links, which is what makes them higher quaility links.
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Your Focus Determines Your Reality
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Hey,i have not used any backlinks strategy ever.Some times you need more backlinks for a project.It depends your niche competition.

For example:
I have created a website about niche x
Niche x has low competition.I don't need too many backlinks but i want few and quality backlinks.Maybe yahoo directory backlink is required

I have created a website about niche y
Niche y has high competition.For this niche i will need many quality backlinks.Also i will need a few directory backlinks.

If you use a backlink strategy maybe you will fail or you succeed depends on your niche.If you have not seo knowledge you should read a book.

I recommend you:
Seo Book(300+ pages)
The seo mindset(170 pages about)
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