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Teen Demographic Niche

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Teen Demographic Niche

Hi there,

Does anyone have any experience with teen niches? (maybe 13-17 age group). Bmx biking, rollerblading.

In my experience and I guess this should be obvious, lots of visits, little to no sales (they can't have credit cards). What is a good strategy to capitalize on this type of traffic?

I appreciate any insight!
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Recently found myself asking the same question. I think ultimatley it's not worth delving into younger markets. With the average/low-average of conversion at 1%, you need those 1% to be able to throw their C/C # in the box immediately, not have to ask for permission from their parents.

I don't think there's any legitimate way to collect funds from minors (or those without C/C's). Off the top, the only thing I can think of is bank account transfers through PayPal, but I don't think it's worth your time.
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You could look into CPA offers but there may be some restrictions on who you can target.

However I wouldnt say presume that those niches are only young people - there's plenty of "young" people who are now in their 30s and are mad keen bmxers etc with plenty of disposable income!
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